There are interior decorators and there are interior designers. Derrick goes beyond the normal definition of both. His style and sense of color is unparalleled. We used Derrick on an extensive remodel of our home (closer to a rebuild than a remodel). He guided us gently and with humor to a result which is exquisite. Frequently, first visitors to our home walk into the main room and spontaneously blurt out, “WOW!!!” We were so thrilled with Derrick’s work that years later, we hired Derrick as soon as we purchased a lake house in Horseshoe Bay. As with our home, we completely remodeled the lake house and changed the color scheme entirely.

The house doesn’t look like the same house. Derrick took a dark and solemn house and turned it into a beautiful, light and airy house suitable for a lake setting. Frequently, visitors to our home in Horseshoe Bay ask who picked out our colors and when we tell them Derrick, they ask for his name and phone number. In addition to creating two masterpieces for us, Derrick repeatedly saved us large sums of money by gently guiding us away from decisions that, in retrospect, would have cost us large sums. There are many good decorators, some great designers — but there is only one who is the BEST.

— K.G., September 2017

Derrick is one of those rare designers who can immediately capture your vision and make it even better than you had dreamed. He is a pure joy to work with and knows the important questions to ask when designing your space. When we moved into our condominium, Derrick was involved in every detail of the planning, from how the flooring and tile were laid, choice of mill work, colors and fabrics. I have worked with Derrick for over 30 years on various projects and we have always been thrilled with the outcome. He can work with any budget and has helped our children with their homes. As with anything in life, it is the relationships that really matter, and we consider Derrick family.

— J.H., September 2017

Derrick is a joy to work with. He is full of ideas to make your decorating dreams come true. Or give you ideas when you don’t have any!

— J.R., June 2016

Derrick is an incredible designer. His professionalism and kindness make him a joy to work with on any budget. My husband and I are artists and we wanted our unique personal style to shine through with sophistication. Derrick is an artist himself and with years of design experience was able to accomplish that and more. Our home reflects our creative spirit and our fabrics and furniture reflect a fresh design concept that will stand the test of time. We have used Derrick in many projects. Our studio and home were featured in Western Art and Architecture magazine several years ago.

— Caroline C., December 2013